East End Enlightenment Expo, Sept. 15-16 @ 1201 E. Market St. Akron, O 44305

COME JOIN US FOR A GREAT TIME FILLED WITH MUSIC, LEARNING, AND JOY! Friday, September 15 4-9pm as a special guest, I’ll be offering a healing concert Knowledge is the Anti-Drug Saturday, September 16 11am – 6pm Vendors, readers and lectures Knowledge is the Anti-Drug Lecture Facebook: @4esoutreach

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Waging Creativity

Come to My Senses I’ve been on fire for days a stove full of hot coal constantly burning away That’s how it feels it’s overheating the oven now the iron is meltin’ What was my heart ain’t nothin but rags now in the smoldering ashes so On old friends I call yes, i call them […]