Friday, December 22, 7-10 pm REMEMBRANCE OF THE 1914 CHRISTMAS TRUCE: IT’S OUR TURN NOW, @ Medina United Church of Christ, Congregational 217 E Liberty St, Medina, Ohio 44256

This is an account of a pilgrimage in remembrance of the 1914 Christmas Truce with music and a healing ceremony for the new year. In World War I, enemy forces left the safety of the trenches to the song “Silent Night” in their own language. Soldiers; sons, husbands, fathers wanted the peace beyond understanding. You […]

Out of the Rust and Into the Water


Wednesday, December 6, 7-8:30 PM – Caring for our Common Home: An exploration into Pope Francis’ eco-spiritual call to action @ Crown Point Ecology Center, 3220 Ira Road Bath, OH 44210

We will continue developing the theme of de-colonizing education and archeytpal wisdom. In the European traditions, the respect of the sanctity of water was once present in the water of the well beneath Notre Dame de Chartres. It was water that did not have to be blessed, nor was it blessed. During the French Revolution, […]

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Waging Creativity

Come to My Senses I’ve been on fire for days a stove full of hot coal constantly burning away That’s how it feels it’s overheating the oven now the iron is meltin’ What was my heart ain’t nothin but rags now in the smoldering ashes so On old friends I call yes, i call them […]